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The Elementerra Universe 🍃

Discover the magic of Elementerra, a city built on the Solana blockchain where alchemy and innovation live. Here, an inventive rabbit society push boundaries of creativity by using $Elementum and combing elements such as Air, Earth, Fire, and Water to bring to life inventions for fame and fortune!

Elementerra is a city of relentless innovation and craft. Players are empowered to leave a lasting mark on the world one invention at a time. The journey is exciting and rewarding, with numerous NFTs to earn, locked SOL prizes and inventor rewards to be won, and the opportunity to make history by having your name immortalized on the "Inventors Wall" in the game's virtual hall of fame.

This white paper serves as your comprehensive guide to the world of Elementerra. From the sprawling metropolis of Elementerra to the innovative gameplay mechanics, the unique resource management, and the rewarding NFT system, we invite you to discover the future of blockchain gaming as we envision it.

Welcome to Elementerra!

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