Founders of Elementerra 🍃

Introducing Elementerra Season 1 mint. The total number of Rabbit PFPs will be 4,000. Our pre-sale event is scheduled for December 2023, Founders Mint Mid January 2024, and Familiar Mint March 2024 (exact dates TBA). Prior to the final mint, we are committed to rigorously testing and fine-tuning our project to ensure its readiness by November 2023.

  • Whitelist: Secure your spot early by joining our whitelist. Be among the first to access the mint and get your hands on these cherished NFTs. Lookout for partnered communities.

  • Verified List: To encourage a genuine minting experience, we are introducing an industry-first Verified. Team members of Elementerra will have 1-on-1 chats with community members and get a chance to know who is minting and what they want to see in Elementerra! Note* Now OG Role.

Proceeds from Mints 📊

The proceeds from the mint will be distributed:

  • 35% for Locked Solana Prizes

  • 10% for Elementum LP + Secondary Lending Market

  • 5% for Launchpad and mint related expenses

  • 20% for Art, Consulting, and Marketing

  • 30% for the Full Team

Royalties from secondary markets, and micro-fees from Elementerra smart contacts will be allocated to locked sol, growth, maintenance, and expenses for the season.

Make sure to checkout our the official Elementerra Website, Discord and Twitter for links/news.

Make sure to checkout our official Twitter and Discord for updates, and if you have absolutely any questions. We are always on Discord.

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