The Founders of Elementerra 🧬

In the heart of Elementerra, where the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water intertwine, live the original founders of this magical city; the Rabbits.

Dressed in self-made coats showcasing intricate designs and craftsmanship, these Rabbits continually tinker, refine, and perfect their recipes. With eyes set on fame and fortune, they frequent the great forge, particularly when whispers of imminent inventions fill the air.

As a founder of Elementerra, each Rabbit PFP generates a base $Elementum.

Leveling your Rabbit PFP 🌟

In Season 1, Rabbit PFPs can be leveled up to Level 100. This process requires a mix of $Elementum, Crystals and Elements. As your rabbit levels up, it will also unlock rewards and boost your Rabbit's $Elementum production.

The base rates, and increase per level will change.

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