Luffy | Co-Founder 🏆

A high-achieving gamer, Luffy has left his mark on both Web 2 and Web 3 gaming spaces. He earned a Top 10 world ranking in the One Piece TCG and competed in China for Hearthstone. Transitioning to Web 3, he claimed victory in the inaugural Alien Worlds (WAX) Tournament and ascended to the top ranks in Axie Infinity (Ethereum).

Beyond competitive gaming, Luffy has managed over 100 Axie Infinity Scholars alongside Absolute as part of Team NFT. He has grown one of the largest Discord communities on the WAX blockchain, and has worked with multiple games in Web 3.

Absolute | Co-Founder 🎯

An accomplished entrepreneur, Absolute brings a wealth of experience in blockchain, dating back to 2017. Specializing in Marketing, Business Development, and Strategy, he has a track record of driving businesses to new heights. His strategic vision guides the game's direction, with an emphasis on rule-setting, economics, and gameplay dynamics.

Together as the driving forces behind Elementerra, Absolute and Luffy exercise complete control over game rules, mechanics, and all other aspects of their debut project. 🤝

Developers 💻

Elementerra is engineered by a group of developers based in Canada who love games. Their background includes prior experience in game development on both the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. While technical innovation drives them, the team never loses sight of the most important element: ensuring a fun and rewarding experience for the Elementerra community.

Art & Design 🖼️

WizArt Studios is a Web3 Design Studio that continuously goes above and beyond expectation. The team focuses on creating visually stunning elements that enrich the player experience in Elementerra. Each design elevates the game into a memorable visual journey.

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