🐕Familiars | Leveling

The Familiars of Elementerra 🐕

In the thriving, magical city of Elementerra, new companions known as Familiars have emerged to assist the original founders, the Rabbits. These loyal assistants are pivotal in the city's ongoing evolution, embarking on quests, uncover hidden secrets and finding lost freinds.

Adorned in unique garments that reflect their diverse origins, the Familiars are not only helpers but also explorers. Their tireless dedication takes them to the great forge, where they gather valuable resources and knowledge, contributing to the continual advancement of Elementerra.

Leveling your Familiar 🌟

Each Familiar generates a bonus hourly base rate of Dark Elementum $DRKE. Similar to the Rabbits, Familiar PFPs can be leveled up to Level 100. This process will also involve using Dark Elementum, Crystals, and Season 2 Elements.

As your Familiar progresses, it will unlock special rewards, enhances its hourly $DRKE production, and gains eligibility for different/more adventurous Quests.

Familiars are essential for discovering new paths and secrets within Elementerra, ensuring that the city remains a vibrant and dynamic place where magic and innovation thrive.

The base rates, and $DRKE increase per level will change. This is sample data.

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