Our mission is to create a thriving ecosystem where value is shared and the community thrives. To achieve this, we have carefully allocated the distribution of $DRKE tokens.

Elementerra NFTs | 85% 🍃

At the heart of Elementerra's economy, Elementerra NFTs hold a special place. They represent 85% of the stake distribution, ensuring that the most substantial value resides within the Elementerra Ecosystem. Holders of Elementerra NFTs are not only part of the vibrant community but also enjoy the most rewarding benefits, producing Elementum and unlocking opportunities within the game.

Solana Communities | 15% 🎮

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration within the Solana ecosystem. As such, 15% of the stake distribution will be dedicated to supporting other Solana gaming collections, games, and projects. For example, by providing utility to gaming collections such as The Heist, Valannia, and Sharky we empower their communities with utility, allowing them to use their native NFTs to earn $DRKE within Elementerra. This creates interconnected gaming experience within the Solana universe and what we believe Web3 to be all about.

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