🌿Mint/Launch SPL-404

Familiar = 1,000 $PARTS

Introduction to SPL-404.

SPL-404 is an innovative protocol on the Solana blockchain that combines NFTs and Tokens. This protocol allows each NFT to be paired with a specific amount of tokens, providing flexibility in asset management. In Elementerra, each Familiar NFT can be swapped into 1,000 $PARTS, and 1,000 $PARTS can be swapped into a random Familiar NFT. This hybrid approach enhances gameplay, economy, trading, and liquidity within the game, making it easier for players to manage their assets.

Familiars of Elementerra 🍃

In Elementerra Season 2, we introduce 8,000 Familiar NFTs with 12 different body types, each utilizing the SPL-404 protocol. These Familiars can be swapped into 1,000 $PARTS, giving players more flexibility and control over their in-game assets. To avoid trait-dillution, there will be a fee per swap. These Familiars can participate in Quests, Stake and Earn $DRKE, Level up, and even transform into new Familiars thanks to the SPL-404 protocol.

Season 2 is scheduled for Summer 2024 (exact dates TBA). The game will be launched within 24-48 hours of the Familiars/$PARTS being sold.

  • Presale: Presales are currently being given out in waves based on gameplay/leaderboards from players of Season 1 and collaborations with other projects. Keep an eye out for partnered communities and checkout our Discord for the next Wave 🌊.

Proceeds from Mints 📊

The proceeds from the mint will be distributed:

  • 35% for Locked Solana Prizes

  • 10% for Dark Elementum LP + Secondary Lending Market

  • 5% for Launchpad and mint related expenses

  • 20% for Art, Consulting, and Marketing

  • 30% for the Full Team

Royalties from secondary markets, and micro-fees from Elementerra smart contacts will be allocated to locked SOL, growth, maintenance, and expenses for the season.

Make sure to checkout our the official Elementerra Website, Discord and Twitter for links/news.

Stay updated on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates, and if you have any questions, We are always on Discord.

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