🎑Quests V1

In Season 2 of Elementerra, we are thrilled to introduce innovative on-chain quests that reward players with on-chain assets. Our quest mechanic, made possible with Switchboard, revolutionizes the way you interact with idle gaming. By fulfilling requirements and signing transactions, you can embark on quests and witness your rewards materialize fully on-chain. The Timeless Expedition Quest in the Ethereal Forest is the first of many quests designed to add new layers of gameplay and rewards.

Quest Requirements V1 ✔️

Version 1 of our on-chain quests will verify three key identifiers: the Name Field, Level, and On-chain Collection ID. Using these IDs, we can diversify the quest pool. For example the program id utilizes the Name Field to identify the type of familiar (e.g., bear, dragon, cat, mouse, dog, fox). This enables players to undertake tasks specific to their familiar's characteristics, adding a layer of personalization and strategy. Different familiars unlock unique quests and activities. Additionally, players have the option to swap their familiar into 1,000 $PARTS and swap back to generate a random new familiar, enhancing the depth and engagement of the gameplay. V1 will also include Rabbit and Inventor Quests.

Quest Rewards 🏅

Successful completion of quests will yield a variety of rewards, including crystals and chests. Some quests will have level requirements, ensuring players are adequately prepared for the tasks ahead. Additionally, certain locations will feature a ticketing system, making players eligible for weekly draws to win Tokens, unique 1 of 1 NFTs, which can include lost familiars, lost inventors, and even NFTs/tokens from our community collections. To address the challenge of on-chain randomness for unique 1 of 1 NFTs, we've implemented a ticketing system to prevent multiple accounts from claiming the same reward.

On-chain randomness for unique 1 of 1 NFTs is a small issue. For example if an NFT is rewarded 0.001% of the time, there is a chance it would be "claimable" for more than 1 account. Our solution is a ticketing system, but this will be finalized.

Quest Locations and Future Quests 🌉

The questing mechanics in Elementerra are built to be adaptive and dynamic, allowing players to embark on adventures across various unique locations: Ethereal Forest, Steam Quarters, Conductor Commons, Gear Alley, Elementerra Heights, Junk Heaps by the Sea, and The Great Foundry.

The introduction of quest mechanics in Season 2 is just the beginning. Future quests will continue to build on this foundation, offering new adventures, deeper lore, and ever-evolving challenges that keep the Elementerra experience fresh and exciting.

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